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How to Do Water Marble Nail Art | Easy Peasy

Water marble nail art has become the latest buzz. It does not take much to accomplish and gives stunning looks. It is called marble art as it resembles the patterns on a piece of marble. There are many colors and hues combined into one and creating unique patterns. You can get marble nail art by following these simple steps on “how to do water marble nail art”.


There are certain things you will need to get water marble nail art. First is the supply of nail varnishes. You cannot get nail art without them. It is a good idea to have a variety of colors. Have at least seven to eight varnishes of different shades and colors. You will also need a nail polish remover, sticky tape, box of tissues, base coat, top coat, tooth picks, cotton swabs and an old towel. Another important thing not to miss is a bowl of water at room temperature. It is better to have a transparent plastic bowl of small to medium size.


Doing water marble nail art is simple. It takes little practice to achieve mastery. Start with assembling the equipment on a work table. Pour water at room temperature into the plastic bowl. Apply base coat on your nails and cover the areas right next to your nail with sticky tape. Make sure that your nails are fully exposed while the areas right next to them are fully covered. Choose one nail varnish and let the last drop dip into the center of the bowl. Now pick another color of nail varnish and repeat the same process. Let it drop in such a way that it lands at the center of the previous. This way, you will be able to create circles within circles on the surface of water. Once all the colors are added, use a toothpick to spread them around.

You will see patterns emerging on the surface of water. Dip your finger into the water at a 45-degree angle. Use the toothpick to assemble the pattern around your nail. Keep the nail in the water for a few more seconds. Keep repeating the process for all the nails of both of your hands.

Once dried, apply the top coat and remove the sticky tape. You can use a damp towel to ensure complete removal of the tape. Use nail polish remover to erase the paint on your finger tips and below the nails. The point is to keep the paint right on the nails and do not let it spill outerwards.

Marvel in the Marble Patterns | How to Do Water Marble Nail Art?

You can create numerous patterns of water marble nail art by using the diversity of varnishes. It is recommended to use new bottles of varnish as old ones tend to stick. You may not be able to get the same results with old bottles of varnish. Do not use varying shades of the same color as they will not give the right patterns. Use six or seven unique shades so as to ensure that the marble nail art stands out from the rest.

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